Why MyDukaan Might Not Be the Best Choice for Your eCommerce Business.

Before plunging into the intricate world of online commerce, it’s quintessential to carefully select a platform that mirrors your business aspirations and fortifies your online store’s foundation. 

Many entrepreneurs might have stumbled upon ‘MyDukaan’ searching for a suitable e-commerce platform. Although it brings a bouquet of features to the table, MyDukaan also carries certain limitations that are crucial to scrutinize before making a decision.

In this honest review, we shall unmask why MyDukaan might not be ideal for nurturing your eCommerce business.

Limited Customization Options

MyDukaan’s templates and design functionalities are somewhat basic and limited. If you aim for a store that resonates with uniqueness and creativity, you might find MyDukaan’s customization tools somewhat restricting.

The limitation may compel entrepreneurs to adjust their visions to fit the platform’s constraints, thus hindering the actualization of a genuinely distinctive online presence.

Even this e-Commerce platform has very limited ready templates with less customization options.

You must have good coding skill to customize existing templates or theme in Dukaan.

writing code to customize Dukaan ecommerce

Scalability Concerns

As your business grows, so do your needs and demands. MyDukaan is lacking when it comes to scaling features.

Companies with aspirations of exponential growth might find the platform stifling regarding feature expansion and adaptability, obstructing seamless scaling and evolution.

Recently the platform increased platform fee by 4.99% (excluding payment gateway fee). If you are planning to buy the basic plan you should pay as follow;

service fee MyDukaan
  1. Platform fee = 4.99%
  2. Payment Gateway fee (e.g., RazorPay) = 2.0%

In this calculation you are paying almost 7% to platform.

According to some existing users, Dukaan increased the platform fee without informing the customers.

Absence of Robust SEO Features

In a digital era where visibility is currency, SEO plays a cardinal role in propelling online stores to the forefront. MyDukaan’s SEO features appear somewhat rudimentary, lacking the depth required for a robust online strategy.

Such an absence might affect the store’s online visibility and search rankings, detrimental to attracting organic traffic.

Customer Support Gaps

Efficient customer support is the backbone of any thriving online business.

Reviews suggest that MyDukaan’s customer support might not be as responsive or helpful as expected. Slow responses and unresolved issues could jeopardize business operations and customer satisfaction, leading to potential losses.

Support group of Facebook MyDukaan

Lack of Advanced Features

Compared to its contemporaries, MyDukaan lags in offering advanced features and integrations. The absence of diverse payment gateways, advanced analytics, and third-party integrations could limit the online store’s operational efficiency and user experience.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you have spend more money which is expensive at Dukaan.

Many important features at Dukaan are in Enterprise plan. You can run a fully customized eCommerce store at WooCommerce with 50% of amount.

MyDukaan Enterprise plan


In conclusion, while MyDukaan might be a suitable choice for those seeking basic eCommerce functionalities, it might not meet the requirements of businesses seeking robust features, scalability, and uniqueness. Before deciding, we recommend that potential users thoroughly evaluate MyDukaan against their business needs, expectations, and growth projections.

The choice of an eCommerce platform is crucial, and the decision should align with your business vision, the market’s demands, and future scalability. Always weigh the pros and cons meticulously and consider all possible options and outcomes in selecting the most fitting platform for your eCommerce endeavors.

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