Hey There, Welcome to 99webdesign.net’s Disclosure

I will review and write posts about Product and Services time to time on my website. If I believe it is a good product or service, and the merchant selling said product or service offers an affiliate program, that means I will get a commission after any successful sale from the website’s recommended link,  I have no issue referring others to the product via an affiliate link. 

In a Single Line again: I Will get a Commision when you click on any affiliate link on my website’s contents.

Why am I explaining this?

Because this website is proudly owned by an Indian and I drive this website from India. I am not required to comply with the FTC affiliate disclosure policy, BUT I believe it is the right thing to keep transparency with my Website Visitors. 

For any damages and harm by using the third party products (that I recommend on my website) I am not responsible.

Every third party’s Products has their own Terms and conditions, so it is your responsibility to read carefully whole.

I would never falsely represent a product just to receive an affiliate commission. If you feel the product or service i recommend is bad or not useful, you are free to leave my site.