Sellix.io Review 2023 – Does it really compete with Shopify and Gumroad?

At 99webdesign, we try to give our honest review on the latest software and tools. This is the ultimate sellix.io review 2022 for you. Sellix.io is an ecommerce platform that allows you to sell any kind of digital products with a custom designed storefront. You can sell eBook, courses, software, subscriptions, membership and more with just one simple store.

But, is sellix.io suitable for your business? Let us help you make things easier for your business.

We have analyzed the sellix io eCommerce platform in depth to figure out whether it is a good or bad tool for your business. We have also compared sellix io with Shopify and Gumroad which are also other popular ecommerce platforms. 

To review sellix.io, we are going to cover three areas

  1. Features and benefits
  2. Pricing 
  3. Onboarding and set up
  4. Customer satisfaction
  5. Customer Support
  6. Compared with Shopify and Gumroad

So let’s get started! Is sellix.io legit for your business?

Sellix.io Features and benefits

Sellix.io comes with seamless features to grow your ecommerce business. There is no limitation on selling digital products. You can start selling software’s, eBook, License keys software, Membership, Subscriptions and more. 

Selling Features of Sellix.io

sellix io all features, ecommerce platform, digital products selling, software and subscription selling
Source: Sellix.io

Digital Products – The process of selling digital products is quite easy with sellix.io. eBook, Graphics files and videos are some of the common digital products. Sellix hosts your files forever with no extra cost. 

Software Selling with activation keys – If you are a software developer and looking for your own storefront with sellix. With sellix software selling features, you can send activation keys to your clients. 

Subscription – Offering membership on subscription basis is one of the best ways to generate recurring revenue in business. Sellix.io’s subscription features can make your work easy. 

Marketing features of sellix.io 

marketing features of sellix.io ecommerce platform
Source: sellix.io

eCommerce business without marketing features can’t grow. There are some features like email marketing, coupon code creation, upsell and downsell are very important. 

Email Marketing – With sellix email marketing option you can connect your favorite tool like MailChimp. 

The email marketing features at sellix allowes to come to your ecommerce site.

Coupon System – Sellix io also provides a smart coupon system that allows customers to buy more with additional discount. 

Upselling is another great feature at sellix.io ecommerce app. With simply 1 click you can offer related or bundle products to your customers. 

Sellix.io Pricing

sellix.io pricing yearly and monthly
Source: sellix.io

The sellix.io gives three simple pricing. Free, Pro and Business. 

Let’s see the pricing packages;

Sellix io Free Plan

You can set up your storefront with a free sellix plan. However there are not many features in the free plan, but it is still good for beginners. 

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Sellix io Pro Plan

The sellix io pro plan is good for business owners who want to build their custom storefront. You can design five store fronts with sellix pro plan.

All advanced features like store customization, marketing and API are available in sellix pro plan. 

Sellix io Business Plan

The Business io pro plan is perfect for big-sized business. Anyone who wants to build multiple stores, then the business plan is right for them. There are ten stores you can build with a business plan. 

All advanced features like store customization, marketing and API are available in sellix pro plan. 

Good News: Sellix.io is offering Lifetime deal at AppSumo marketplace. That said, you don’t have to pay monthly, Just pay one time and use the Sellix.io for lifetime. Sellix io business plan is available at $89 for one time price.

sellix.io lifetime deal price at appsumo
Source: AppSumo Marketplace

Sellix Onboarding and set up

People love simple store setup. Sellix onboarding and store setup is quite easy for business owners. 

You can set up your store from simple customization and payment setup within 3o minutes (depending on business nature).

Customer satisfaction

We have analyzed the old Sellix’s customers to know their satisfaction rate. We found that over 85% of customers are very satisfied with sellix.io platform. 

Sellix.io got a 4.6 rating out of 400+ reviews on TrustPilot

Customer Support

Sellix customer support is excellent. They offer 24X7X365 support. Even they respond on time for free plans. 

Compared with Shopify and Gumroad

Sellix has been active for the last 2 years. Even though the company is new in the market but is still very close to competing with Shopify and Gumroad. 

Honestly there are not more features as compared to Shopify but sellix.io is still able to attract thousands of customers. 

The good thing about sellix io eCommerce platform is that they offer various payment methods like crypto, bitcoin, PayPal and Stripe. 

The Sellix.io has more upcoming features. You can check their roadmap. They are coming with more payment options like RazorPay, Some third party integrations like Pabbly and with good store design customizations.

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