Vowel – Meetings for fast-moving teams

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Vowel revolutionizes video conferencing with its comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize meetings and transform them into valuable knowledge resources. Our platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide an array of benefits, including AI-generated meeting summaries, recordings, live transcripts, and universal search functionality across meeting content.

By leveraging Vowel, startups can extract maximum value from their meetings. Our AI-generated meeting summaries condense lengthy discussions into concise summaries, saving time and ensuring crucial information is not lost. With meeting recordings, teams can revisit important discussions, review key decisions, and maintain a record of their progress. The live transcript feature enhances accessibility and inclusivity by providing real-time text transcriptions of conversations.

However, the true game-changer is Vowel’s universal search capability. Users can easily search for specific keywords, topics, or discussions across their entire meeting history. This empowers startups to swiftly retrieve relevant information, making it simple to reference past conversations, extract insights, and share knowledge effortlessly.

By harnessing Vowel’s comprehensive suite of tools, startups unlock the potential of their meetings, transforming them into searchable, shareable knowledge repositories. Embracing our platform not only enhances productivity and collaboration but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing within organizations.


The vowel is a video conferencing platform with AI-generated meeting summaries, recordings, live transcripts, universal search of meeting content , etc - 99webdesign.

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