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Best Practices of Copywriting (8 Tips for your next web copy)

The way web users read content is vastly different from the printed material, and copywriting is no longer restricted to mere one-liners to sweep you off your feet. What are the best practices of copywriting that can save you from the dreary quick scan and make your readers stop and read?

Copywriting is one of the best marketing strategies to reach your target audience. Moreover, high-quality web copy improves user experience and grows your business. 

Tips: If you have a small business and want to build the best marketing strategy, this blog post will help you.

In this blog post, you will learn the best copywriting techniques. And we are sure this will help you to enhance your online presence and writing skill.

You can only check if your website passes the test if you know the best tips. So, let’s go through a quick checklist of the best copywriting tips –

  1. Understanding search intent
  2. Keywords Research
  3. Write attractive Headlines: The #1 practice for copywriting
  4. Use Bullet Points to describe your post
  5. Use the inverted Pyramid Theory
  6. Know your audience
  7. Make your writing concise
  8. Internal and External Linking

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Understanding search results (or Search Intent)

To avoid confusion and maintain accuracy, search intent comes first. So, before starting writing your blog post, make sure to ensure the search intent by entering your topic idea in Google. 

Pro Tips: Use WriteCream AI Content Generation Tool

The process is quite simple. Let’s take an example; you want to write an blog post on Italian Food recipe, then go to Google search engine and type “Italian Food recipe” and check which type of results comes in. In the below screenshot, the results are the same as per expectation.

Tips: Check out a definitive guide on Search Intent by Ahrefs.

Training: If you are looking for Pro one to one training, you can contact us here. We will provide you live training for SEO copywriting. Moreover, you will also get an opportunity for copywriting practices also. 

Keyword Research

Keywords research is an important process to make your website copy visible in Search Engine. The process of keyword research helps to determine the strength of your web copy for humans and search engines.

If you are looking for best practices of copywriting, then you have to attract Search Engine and Keyword research is a great way for it.

Tips: You can refer to the most popular resource of Moz for keyword research here

Make sure to follow the below points while researching keywords for your next blog post. 

  • Find Seed Keyword (Your Main Keyword)
  • Type your seed keyword in Google and ensure the search intent is the same that you expect.
  • Type of your seed keyword in Free keyword research tool Ubersuggest
  • Filter keyword suggestion from 0-20 KD (Keyword difficulty)
  • Check, what are people talking on social media about your keyword/topic. And use some relevant and frequently used words in your article.

Write attractive headings

First and foremost, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar if you have crafted the perfect headline.

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Here are the tips for writing the best headlines –

  •  It should provide a quick summary of the content on the page. The title needs to be relevant.
  • Generic headlines just don’t cut it. It ought to grab eyeballs and make viewers stop and read.
  • Use Modifiers like Best, Top, Easy, Powerful, Proven to create more compelling copy.

Coschedule is One of the best tools to write the perfect headlines in its Headline Analyzer. Check it out yourself and feel the difference.

Research shows that if you are trying to solve a problem through your copywriting, your chances of winning increase.

Use bullet points in your blog

Don’t go on writing lengthy paragraphs. No one wants to read tough to navigate sentences. Instead, use bullet points to make your points stand out.

Hemingway Editor is an awesome tool to simplify your content. It highlights the extremely tough to read sentences in red, tough to read in yellow, passive voice sentences in green and so on. Make sure that you run your article through it before posting online.

hemingway editor tool for better writing practice

Use the inverted pyramid theory.

What pain points are you trying to address? What are the solutions that you are willing to offer? Such questions should be addressed right in the beginning to save the viewer’s valuable energy and time. 

Attract users to key phrases

One thing that you should never forget while writing website content is SEO. Even though it is important to use the right keywords in your content, attracting your users towards the key phrases is even more so. You can do so by formatting your text by writing in bold or italics.

Google Keywords Planner is one of the best tools to search for keywords. However, make sure that you don’t overload your content with keywords. On average, you should restrict your keyword density to around 2% to provide the best copywriting services.

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Know your audience

Steer away from using flowery language or jargons. The best copywriting is one which presents the most complex information most easily. Using complex language will only serve to confuse your readers.

Make your writing concise.

The thumb rule is to get rid of what you have written, and then, what left. Web content writing is very different in the sense that the key to acing it lies in being as concise as possible.

Getting rid of unnecessary words will make your content easier to scan. The viewers will not only like reading it more but will also gain something of value out of it.

Internal and external linking

Link building (Internal and external both) is one of the key ranking factors while writing any post. If you are using WordPress for blogging, you can use Yoast free SEO Plugin. The Plugin provides you a checklist to improve your SEO and writing skills.

Refer the below key points while writing articles in WordPress:

  • Use Main or seed keywords in Headline (H1 Tag).
  • Use see keyword in first paragraph.
  • Use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) in blog posts to improve your copywriting strength for search engines. Let’s say, you are writing about apple juice, then LSI keywords might be Juice machine, grinder, fruits, tree, fresh, health, snacks, water, milk and so on. 
  • Link your existing posts to the current post.
  • Provide some relevant external link in blog.
  • Use Alt Text for all images.
  • Use Seed keyword + LSI while writing alt text for feature (main) image.
  • Make senses short and clear.
  • Use Keywords suggestion to your H2, H3, H4 tag also.
  • Use Keywords suggestion to your body portion also.

Final thought

Copywriting takes tons of time and effort in research and analyzing various terms. You can access our resources for free to speed up your job. If you are looking for some more techniques from modern copywriters, you would love to visit the Copyblogger Blog.

Others Useful Free Resources to Practicing your Copywriting Skill:

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