How WordPress Forms Helps to Get Quality Leads?

Are you looking for a way to capture more leads that make more money on your website?

In this post, we will discuss the complete process of how you can qualify better leads using WordPress forms.

So, let us start:

WordPress form comes in different structures that particularly include a contact form to collect the information from the visitors. Creating a simple contact form is easy, but it is challenging to create one that converts leads. 

Using the contact form plugins, you can create a simple form that integrates with your website and email service provider.

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Ask Relevant Questions

Once you create the basic structure of your form, the next import task is to ask relevant questions. Do not ask personal questions that offend the customer/visitors. Try not to overload your contact form with queries like address, date of birth, phone numbers, favorite pet, and more, all on the same form.

Statistics show that if you ask personal phone numbers, it will decrease the conversion rate for up to 10%. It is better to ask for their email address. If the questions are relevant, the visitor will fill them out right away and generate quality leads on your website. 

Short Length Contact Form

 No one likes to fill out a lengthy contact form, and usually, visitors leave the site if the contact form is hard to fill. Make sure you do not overwhelm your visitor with lengthy questions.

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Try to break out contact form into a multistep form. The multistep forms will be easy to fill, and it will increase user engagement. You can collect more relevant information in multistep forms.

Add Call to Action

Logically the color and font of the text impact conversion rate. Don’t be surprised by what you read because colors influence the mind deeply.  Instead of using the word ‘Submit,’ try to use a phrase that gains visitor attention. About 5% of the people abandon form submission if it says, “click submit.” Customize the submit button by changing the color and font.

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Learn About Your Audience

By turning on the geographical location on your form, you will get information about your target audience. You can see there country, state, and city information, and it will help to design your form that converts more leads. 

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Make Your Form Secure

If there is a security feature on your form, your visitors will trust you and fill out with the correct information. Setting up a Recaptcha code can make a stark difference. It will be more appealing to your website visitors.

 About 50% of the audience take things seriously when there is a security feature on the contact form.

Pro Tips: Funnel building tool is also better option to create forms and email sequences. You can create multiple email marketing campaigns and automation with a few clicks. If you are at beginner level, then you should try an all in one marketing tool.


Conversion created contact form generate leads and turn visitors into customers. It is necessary to compose the relevant short forms that can generate maximum user engagement. If you customize CTA, it will increase your conversion rate and boots sales. Adding a security feature wins the visitor’s trust.

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