Elementor 3.12 Enhances Website Design with Mega Menus and Loop Alternate Templates

The latest version of the popular website design tool Elementor introduces exciting features that elevate website design and navigation to new heights. With the addition of a menu widget, users can now create visually stunning Mega Menus within Elementor. This provides an improved user experience and more creative website designs.

Create Sophisticated Mega Menus with the New Menu Widget, One of the most highly requested features.

The Mega Menu is now available with the upcoming Menu widget in Elementor 3.12. Users can create expandable menus that display more content, making it easier for site visitors to find categories and subcategories.

The Menu widget offers flexibility in structuring website navigation, allowing adding as many menu items as desired. It can also link them to any page. Users can customize dropdown content, add subcategories, choose dropdown effects, and apply animation effects. This is for a dynamic and engaging user experience

Enhance Design Flexibility with Loop Alternate Templates

Elementor 3.12 also introduces the Loop Alternate Template feature in the Loop Grid widget. This feature allows users to apply different templates to specific items within a loop grid for a diversified design.

Users can create up to 20 templates for each loop grid on their website. They can apply them to specific item positions with the option to repeat. Alternate templates can also span multiple columns. This enables users to make certain loop items stand out by taking up more space within the grid.

Responsive Settings for Optimal User Experience To ensure a seamless user experience across devices, Elementor 3.12 provides responsive settings for the Mega Menu and Loop Alternate Templates.

Users can choose breakpoints for when the Menu becomes a toggle menu and adjust the design of dropdown content areas to match the viewing screen. Elementor 3.12 ensures that websites are optimized for different devices, providing an optimal browsing experience.

Please note: The mega menu feature is only available in pro version. You can learn more here.

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