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A Guide on eCommerce Website Development and Design

Looking for an eCommerce website development to scale your Business?

The Importance of an eCommerce website takes you to the right place. We are a team of professionals who not only design high quality eCommerce stores but also provide solid strategies (free) for high conversion rate.

A user on your website can change their mind anytime and this is a strong signal for poor design and bad user experience. Therefore we design everything very carefully. It starts from a lightweight quality-landing page and ends with an easy checkout process. Users just feel awesome and return to your website for a second purchase.

Our seamless process of Website Design converts your website into an enjoyable eCommerce store. Where people love to browse your product and service category, they feel confidence while reading your product/service description.

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So, How to Prepare, while designing an eCommerce website?

This Ultimate guide for an eCommerce solution is for those who are looking for an eCommerce expert. So there are two methods of designing a growth-driven eCommerce website. First you can HIRE US here, we will validate your niche with stats and provide the supreme eCommerce solution that can work for your 24X7X365 as a bestseller of your business. And second option is, you can consider this guide if you already hire someone, or want to design with your own.

I am going to share some key factors of eCommerce website design & development that not only look beautiful, but also convert your business with high revenue. 

The truth is, no matter how beautiful your eCommerce store is (like most people work to develop a beautiful eCommerce store), Because we believe Your eCommerce website should be user friendly and also designed with a solid marketing Strategy. Once these two elements Design + Marketing comes together, there is 100% chance to win. Even if we recommend to focus on marketing whether you have good quality of product, no one will visit suddenly and spend a single Dollar on your Product.

So let’s drive a Perfect eCommerce Business with Beautiful store Design and Marketing Solution.

What Inside this eCommerce website development tutorial (or a Blueprint for store Owner)

These elements 100% work even if all top brands use these strategies to grow their eCommerce business. 

Essential eCommerce Web Design Elements

Clear Store Information

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Your eCommerce Shop should provide clear information about what it is, and which type of product you are selling. You should also provide information about where your store is located and what city, country you are shipping to if you are selling some physical Product.

Solid Navigation For Product Category. 

Navigation is something that shows the path of your product and service. If it is not clear and easy, users will love to leave your website. So importantly you need to show Categories, Product, service with easy navigation. According to Google research 14% of People moved to your competitors website. It is because your website is not capable of showing where to go for particular categories and products.

A concise Product Description

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If you want to learn the secret of high conversion, make sure you are selling products personally to your customers. Yes, when you provide a clear product description (Including problem description), the customer relates that to them personally and purchase. So Product Description is a vital key element in eCommerce web design. Try to describe your Product Quality and feature benefit. It will help to convince your potential customer

A Strong-Clear CTAs (Call to Action)

Have you seen often on someone eCommerce stores the Button action, it may be “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart” or “Learn More”. The login behind is very simple with every action button. You need to understand and figure out whether users want to Buy Now or later. So without wandering your customer, provide a clear Action. For example once the Product Description finished, call them for “Buy Now”. this works best. Most eCommerce sites that sell some services provide two action buttons like “Buy Now” + “Pre-sale Question”. So this helps customers to ask something that is not understood in the Product/service landing page.  

Single Page checkout Process

We love this feature in e-commerce website development. It saves time and user purchase without going to Cart. single page checkout with Product/service information increased conversion. And one more thing why most of the checkout processes fail? The reason is it has lots of information to fill by customers. So the recommendation is avoid extra or unnecessary options in the checkout process.

Payment options flexibility

Payment option is one of essential integration in your store. There are tons of options available in the market, but which one (or some) will fit with your eCommerce store is depending on your target market. PayPal is one of the easy and trusty Payment services. Even you can use Stripe to accept credit/Debit card Payment from customers.  

Marketing and conversion Elements For eCommerce Store.

As we explained above, marketing and conversion are the key elements in an eCommerce store. No matter how beautiful your eCommerce website design. So beating conversion you need to focus on Marketing to increase conversion. These are the essentials to help boost your eCommerce site.

eCommerce Website SEO

SEO is something that brings your potential customers to your eCommerce website. It starts from Keyword research to write your Product headline, Description and so on. To make SEO friendly eCommerce, you need analyze your competitors, finding gaps/opportunities and now describing your sales plan.

Email Marketing

You will love to give notification to your customer while they purchase. It may be cart Information, Invoice copy or Special Discount personally. Email marketing plays a vital role in the eCommerce business. With help of email marketing you can increase your conversion. So keep your customer coming to your store.

Live chat feature 

It works like when we visit a physical store and the salesperson starts a conversation with you. A Chat feature in your eCommerce site makes your potential customer feel that someone is live to discuss in store.

Custom Coupon Code 

Take full control of the store in your hand. You can assign coupons for any product and service. This feature allows you to add special discounts for your potential customers. Apart from this, many eCommerce businesses start growing business by providing credit, giveaway, gift voucher and offers. These come together and work best to get more leads.

Product Integration with Social Media

The goal is to make your product and service available for your potential customers. Whether they got it on social Media on Google Product Feed. simply contenting your social Media with your eCommerce store will help to grow business quickly. Even 47% of leads come from Social Media as we explained earlier

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