double conversion with a business website

How to double your conversion with Social Media and Website?

Do you want to double your conversion? But how you will find those proven methods using by many Entrepreneurs to drive results? Do you need a Social Media Business account (Like Facebook & Instagram) or a business website or both?

Thousands of thoughts arrive in minds when it comes to driving results to business. If you are still stuck somewhere to get your business online, you are not alone.

In this guide, we will give you exact process that you can follow to build your online presence and of course double the conversion.

What you will learn in this guide?

  1. How to get started with Social Media?
  2. How to Build a Professional Business Website?
  3. How to attract quality leads and traffic to your business website?
  4. How to optimize your Business website for double conversion?

When it comes to driving results in business, you need to work on various strategies. Having social Media and Business websites are some of the essential ways for growth.

So let’s deep dive into learning the proven method to drive results. We will walk this step by step.

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01. How to get started with Social Media?

A Business needs three things, Brand Awareness, Engagement, and conversion. If you believe, building an Online Presence for your business growth is very important.

Many have a misconception that they can grow business with only social media. They are not interested in the business website. they are not yet aware of the power of the ness website.

To build a solid online presence you need both social media and business websites. In this post, you will get a deep understanding of Social media and Business websites.

Now the thing is, how you should get started with social Media?

Potential customers want to see you on social media. So, considering this step you must set up your social media account. Consider these below points to make a solid path.

Create Business account on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

business account on facebook

Make sure to create a business account on social media. there are many benefits to having a business account. You can measure performance and insight.

Follow a consistent theme while publishing contents.

Instagram theme
Source Instagram @nataniacreates

Irrelevant patterns make confusion to the audience. also, it does not give a better user experience. To increase followers or likes, you have to follow a consistency on social media.

Publish regular and useful information

Most of the person doesn’t understand what they should update on social media. There are various things which can be consider while posting on social media,

  1. Give updates of your product or services. This type of post provide a quick updates to your audience.
  2. Share regular quotes related your niche
  3. Share Reviews from other of your product and service.
  4. Educational Post
  5. Frequently asked Question and Answer

How to build a Professional Business website?

Before building a website for your business, let’s understand why you need a Business website?

If you notice in first paragraph, where we mention that people have misconception of business website. Website for a Business is really important for growth. We will show you why?

  1. In this digital era, people type various KEYWORDS to find information on the Search engine. For example, they search ” Best Yoga Centre”. If your business has a website so it can be ranked on this specific keyword (Subject to SEO). And most Social Media can’t rank your content on Search Engines. To double your conversion, you need to take help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it is possible if you have a Website.
keyword search on google

Recommended Tips: Learn the best practice of copywriting to boost your conversion rate.

  1. There is a certain limitation on Social Media, where you can’t feel freedom while publishing content. A Website gives you full freedom to control your content. You can customize its looks, font. Moreover, you can measure the performance of your content (Articles) to serve better next time.
  2. You can’t change the style and design of your social media because of some limitations. But having a website you can design, customize your website exactly you want. Even you can align your website design to your Product and services.

Now, It’s time to build your business website!

Website designing is now too simple nowadays, right? Well, there is some easy option available where you can design a simple website. For example, Wix, Squarespace and WordPress.

We recommend WordPress to design your website. WordPress has seamless features that can help to grow your business quickly. Moreover, You can manage your WordPress website on your own.

Many ready-made template available with Wix and Squarespace. And it’s good to start customizing according to your need. Wait! In our 4 plus years of experience, We found various issues facing people

If you are planning to design a website on your own, make sure get some basic knowledge or skill or the below thing,

  1. Color Palettes. If you already have your Brand Logo, make sure to align your color palette with your logo’s color. (Use this FREE Tool)
  2. Decide how many pages required to your website
  3. Organize your contents for each web pages (Consider on-page SEO for each page)
  4. Create a roughly wire-framing of your site
  5. Get Hosting Plan (Bluehost, Siteground). For Dedicated WPEngine is best option
  6. Install WordPress on your Domain
  7. Install Astra Theme (Recommended for better performance)
  8. Now Design your Design with Sitebuilder like Elementor
  9. Once you design your website, share it personally with your friends or colleague for feedback.
  10. Once you design your website, make sure to implement security features to keep your site safe and secure. There is various WordPress Plugin available to keep your site secure.
  11. Now Install SEO Plugin (Yoast, RankMath recommended)
  12. Index your Website to Google and another Search engine like Yahoo, Bing.
  13. Get connect your website to Google Analytics to measure performance.

Apart from these above points, there are also some few required for Advanced website design.

If you don’t want to take efforts, you can contact us for a Professional website.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for better performance?

Optimizing websites is the only method to drive results to your website. You have to consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Security (SSL), Speed and UX (User experience)

Refer this below Recommended WordPress Plugin for your Website and Business Growth:

  1. WP Rocket: Recommended for Caching Plugin in WordPress.
  2. Smush Pro: For Image Optimization
  3. Wordfence or Sucuri are recommended for WordPress Security.
  4. WPForms for building high converting forms in WordPress.
  5. Yoast or RankMath for SEO of your Site

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