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Reveling 4 levels of cost to build a WordPress Website

A Blueprint to explore cost to build a WordPress Website

You can get tons of suggestions to Design Websites in WordPress. And most of the time the guide shows “How you can design WordPress Website Free”. I will discus on the Word “Free” later. But here I am going to explain all four levels in web design to  determine How much it costs to build a WordPress Website. again it fully depends on your Business goal and size. because your business goal determine what type features need to develop. and then you can assume WordPress Website cost easily. if you google for this, you can see people are asking about cost to build a WordPress Website tons of time.

Let me assume you are a two type person here. Either you are a Business owner and want to drive your Business from a Website, or maybe you are new who want to start a Website for your dream Niche. once you understood your business goal, you can break the Web Design cost. in this comprehensive guide i will show you that how much cost to build a WordPress Website.

Generally the purpose of a website Development is to inform and communicate about any business in the market. And basically the Final Web design cost depends on company goal. Because Goal determines what features need to integrate in business. For example, a very simple website developed to showcase your Products and services only. Whereas Business websites need to fully Integrate all essentials features that can help in generating Leads.

From Global Market and Resources The web design cost

Below is the below table which shows what other experts are saying for the cost of a website development in WordPress. you can consider a few guide from expert which shows exact the cost to build a WordPress Website.

AgencyPrice Range Path Field
99designsStart from $599Learn MoreAgency
WebFXStart From $1,000Learn MoreAgency
WPBeginner GuideSee Price GuideLearn MoreGuide
Website Builder ExpertSee Price GuideLearn MoreGuide

Keeping in mind what really needs a website, I am going to explain the Cost of Website Designing on Various levels. These are as Follow

Level 01: Design a Website

In This stage, a Developer defines how many Pages need to design in a website. Like Home, About, Contact, Service,FAQ. All pages need to be designed with a single Visual  Branding guideline.

Level 02: Conversion and Marketing Development In website

A Business demand is to generate maximum Leads from its website. And therefore the Conversion and Marketing level to be developed while creating a website for clients.

Level 03: Speed of WordPress Website

Speed is one the key elements while developing a website, especially for small companies. And this becomes too important when tons of content is produced frequently. For example, Forbes, Founder and Entrepreneur are among the best resources and globally websites that publish tons of content daily. So the important thing is that every single content should be available faster.

Level 04: Security and Backup

If everything goes fine, then you need to Focus on creating barriers and Backup for your website. My point is to secure your website and get a Backup timely to prevent future damages.

“If You see the trend, WordPress is driving almost 35% of websites available on the Internet. This is Billions of websites.  And from last decade a number of companies established in the market for WordPress Products and Services. “

The Website development starts from choosing right Hosting and Domain Name registration. Some time when you work for a client, you only get design work. In that case the client already purchased hosting and registered Domain Name.

  • For Recommendation, BLUEHOST is one of the best choices
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Price start from $2.95/Mon

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Level 01: Designing a Website [ From Logo to Illustration or Theme]

Logo: Now let’s break the cost into the design phase. Designing websites start from a unique logo. Tons of resources available in the market, where you can design automatic Logo for your website.  However Custom design is something you can feel with visual branding. If you are ready to spend money for real and creative Logo design, then 99designs is a perfect platform. The Logo design at 99designs starts from $599. What about if your Budget is too tight, you can consider Fiverr. Number of creative designers are available to deliver quality Logo within your budget. You can get a nice logo in between $50-100.

FIVERR LOGO DESIGN: $50 is enough for good Design
99DESIGNS LOGO DESIGN: $599 is for 100% Satisfaction designs

Icon, Images, Illustration: To give a Brand Feel with your website, you need to design a single and unique style of Images, Illustration and Icons. Again, you don’t need work on creating such stuff. You can get a set of icons, illustrations and images at an affordable Price. For example, I recommend Iconfinder, Freepik and Flaticon. These are the most popular resources where you can get quality products. If you are looking for some more advanced and creative illustration you can visit icon8, Drawkit or absurd.design/. unDraw is another Free resource where you can get tons of illustration free with your own custom color. Pricing for these things can be consider from $50- $100 for single website (one-time Investment)

ICONFINDER FOR ICON: Micro Plan $4.50/Mon

PRO Guide: How to Get Free illustration for your next Web Design in WordPress

WordPress Premium or custom Theme: When everything is done from logo designing to illustration, images. You need to finalize whether you need a Premium theme or custom design. Themeforest is one of the top resources where you can get Quality WordPress themes at an average price of $50/Year.  Whereas a custom design required more time for quality code and some premium tools. So, it may be expensive. The cost of a Custom WordPress Website starts from $500 to $50,000 Per year. Some of the reputation agencies who deliver quality design, have their own pricing plan.

Agency Price Range
UniFied Infotech$25-$49/hr
Lounge Lizard$100-$149/hr
99webdesignStarts From $99

THEMEFOREST PRICE: Premium Average Theme Price is $50 Per Year.
CUSTOM THEME DESIGN: $500 Plus (Depend on Requirement-Features)

Level 02: Integration of Conversion and Marketing tool

convertkit wordpress email marketing tool

For a Business Website, conversion and Marketing tools are very important. Starting poor integration of tools can have a bad impact on the entire business. Thanks to some loyal and best companies available in the market. They better know what will work in a business campaign. Yes, I am talking about ConvertKit, OptinMonster and Mailchimp of course. There are also many who work well and play a better role in conversing and Marketing.

CONVERKIT [ Email Marketing + List Building ]: Start From $29/Mon
MAILCHIMP [Email Marketing + List Building ]: Start From $9.99/Mon

Another Part of Conversion and Marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You need to ensure whether your contents are Search Engine Optimized or not?. Yoast SEO tool is #1 WordPress Plugin. It provides powerful in-depth features and 1:1 guidance to improve your Search Engine Rank. you can write specifically a Focus Keyword on which you want to rank. You can check your Blog Post readability and also a guideline to improve or correct.

Level 03: WordPress Website Speed [ The Saddest Part of Web Design]

wproket wordpress plugin

It’s too bad if your contents can’t be available fast for the audience. No matter whether you have high quality contents. You guys know how to write killer contents that engage the audience and convert them into a Paying customer. But what about if the contents take too much time to load. and that’s why WordPress SPEED features come In-front. Again, tons of solutions available out there to speed up your WordPress Website.

CDN (Contents Delivery Network)

cloudeflare CDN

A website can be connected with CDN to make your contents available easily for anyone. CloudFlare will be the best choice. The price starts from $20/Month. Cloudflare also has a Free plan but that is not effective if you are serious about your Business. And of course, it is about reputation. Do you know if Amazon’s traffic goes down just because of Speed, it will be losing of Millions Dollar seriously? Let me tell you, according to a Google research 14%+ People move to a competitor’s website and the reason is the website is not showing information correctly or it has more load time. Cloudflare has tons of Features for Performance and also to secure your Website.

A part from this, A WordPress Plugin like WP Rocket can also boost your website speed. The price for wp rockets starts from $39/Year. The WP ROCKET Cache Plugin is one of the best and recognized by Top Industry Leaders. It has 22 in-depth features that boost your WordPress website Performance.  According to WP ROCKET Anyone with a WordPress website should use WP Rocket! It works for sites large and small, no matter the type. From a simple blog to an online store, WP Rocket will accelerate the loading time! WPRocket is easy and enough for non-technical WordPress users, but extensible enough that seasoned developers can customize it to their liking. The Price for wp rocket is $39/Year for a single website.

Features of wp rocket

wproket wordpress plugin features

FAQ on wproket [ A Quick Points]

  • Anyone can use wp rocket, who want to increase their WordPress Performance
  • A Minimum PHP level should be 5.6. WP Rocket will work on any of these servers: Apache (with mod_rewrite, mod_expires, mod_deflate), NGINX, LightSpeed or Windows. “Pretty” permalinks in WordPress are required.
  • WP Rocket is GDPR compliant. It doesn’t store, or access to any personal data. Also, no cookies either are added by WP Rocket.

CLOUDFLARE CDN: Start From $20/Mon
WPROCKET: $39/Year [Speed up your WordPress Website Now]

Level 04: WordPress Website security and Backup Plan

sucuri website security features

This is the Final but not last. Security of websites is very important.  To fix hacks and prevent future attacks, you need to deploy a security system in your website. It defends your website against DDoS attacks.  Sucuri is a great global platform that keeps your website safe and gives good Performance. You can consider only platforms from Cloudflare or Sucuri. Before that I will recommend the Packages and features that both offer. Sucuri scans your website for malware, hacks, and Backlist status. It provides continuous updates and alerts of monitoring of your website.  It has five levels of Features.

  • Detection: Website Monitoring and Alerts
  • Protection: Preventing future attacks
  • Performance: Speed up Your Website
  • Response: Getting help to recover hacked website
  • Backup: Help to take backup, it prevents from a big data loss

SCURI CDN+SECURITY: Starts From $199/Year

If You are looking to integrate a separate Backup tool in your website with fully dedicated features, then UpdraftPlus will be the best choice. You can assign peacefully for updraftPlus. Because it takes auto backup based on its Schedule Backup Plan Features. It is top rated (4.8/5.0) Solution for backup.



At last and Important. If you want to produce quality content by considering what people love on your website, then you need to analyse your website. Google Analytics is a free tool available which can show tons of data on your website. For example, which page is getting good traffic, which product is getting more attention or the opportunity to improve low traffic pages.

If you are looking for something more advanced to dig more information from your website, MonsterInsight is a good option. Over 2M+ users, it is the most and top-rated WordPress Analytics tool on the Internet.  The plan starts from $99/Year.

MONSTERINSIGHTS: Start From $99/Year

Final Conclusion on Web Design cost

All the Above Points are very genuine if you want to drive your website seriously. However there are a few good ways to start with some available resources. Most of the time people start from basic things and they revenue/go for Advanced features when the Income goes up.


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  1. Some of the option can be applied in Startup Simple Web Design
    2-4 Pages Web Design with Free Security option like w3 catche and updraftPlus free Plan. these are enough for beginner website.

    Later can be upgrade with Premium features.

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