Poster of 5 Best Elementor Widgets explain with Theme builder, Marketing Widgets

The 5 Best Elementor Widgets Explained [Why you need Pro version]

Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder plugin. Elementor widgets have powerful flexibility to create any type of website. The Best 10 Elementor Widgets explained in this post.

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on Elementor Free or Pro, you are at the right place. My step-by-step guide will help you to understand Elementor widgets easily.

You will Learn about Elementor Free and Pro Widgets. This post is not covered with all Elementor Widgets. But I will keep you updated with some of the best Elementor Widgets.

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Table of contents

  • What is Elementor Widget
  • What are the theme Building Widgets
  • Marketing Elementor Widgets
  • Elementor Portfolio Widget
  • Elementor Woocommerce widget

What is Elementor Widget

Elementor widget is a Design Element which gives freedom to design any type of website. Such widgets come in build functionality, you just need to drag at your desired section.

That said, You can easily place any design Elements and functionality with ease.

This Post will explain Best Elementor Widgets from Design, Marketing and Optimization.

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What are the Theme Building Widgets in Elementor Plugin

Well, Elementor is one of the best options to build WordPress Theme from scratch without code. It has several features that help to design creative WordPress Websites or themes.

For Building WordPress themes, You need some essential design freedom. You can not expect full freedom of Web Design with other ready made themes. But Elementor enables a way to design and customize your WordPress theme.  Below are the most powerful widgets of Elementor that give you full control.

Header and Footer Builder: Elementor Pro Widgets

Now you don’t need to depend on options. Header-Footer widget gives you full control to design or customize your header footer. You can design supreme and custom Header and footer by Elementor’s widgets.

Best part of header-Footer widget is, you can define display logic exactly you want.

Elementor gives you two methods to add a creative header-footer on your website. First, you can choose a Pre-Designed beautiful template and customize according to you. And Second, you can Design from scratch. In both ways, you will get full access to features and design elements.

Elementor Blog Widgets: Design Blog Archive or Post Template with ease.

Elementor Blog Widget and Post widget are very essential features in Web Design. And of course, who does not like to put in place a custom layout for Blog archive and Post Template.

Elementor Blog widget allows you to create a fully custom layout/Archive. Even, You can design categories wise custom Blog template.

For Blog posts, You can design custom Post Templates with the help of Elementor Post Widget. To do  Job easily,  you can either choose Pre-designed templates or you can create from scratch.

Marketing Elementor Widgets [Converting customers is easy with Marketing Features]

A Website is nothing without marketing features. No matter how your website looks. When it comes to designing a Business Website, it is very important to integrate Marketing tools. It may be contact Form, Email list building form, Newsletter Form and so on. Even, social Media is one of the best options to market your Product and Service.

Elementor gives full freedom to leverage marketing features with ease. Check these below some of the best Elementor Widgets explained.

Elementor Form Builder Widget

Elementor forms builder widget

If you are looking for more conversion than you need to put your efforts now. Elementor offers seamless features to design and customize Form in your WordPress website.

You can allow the audience to get connected by simple and beautiful looking forms on websites. Designing form in Elementor is super easy. You can create any kind of form front-end. That means, you don’t need to work in the back-end with different forms builders. 

You can create different types of forms to convert your audience into customers. some of them are as follow:

  • Contact Form [Simple and Custom]
  • Email List Building Form [Subscription Form]
  • Payment collecting Form
  • User Registration Form
  • Login Form
  • And More

Elementor Popup Builder widget [Easy way to hold your Potential Customers]

Elementor Popup builder widget

Popup is a very popular feature in the Web Design Industry. As there are tons of options available for this, Elementor is most loved by Web Developers. The reason is it’s seamless features and easy to use.

Elementor not only gives you full control to design creative popup, but also save lots of cost. Yes, you do not need to buy a third party WordPress tool to build popup.

You can insert Pre-made beautiful Templates directly into your Website. Moreover, You can design more attractive popups from scratch.

You can integrate your favorite Social Media with your Website. This helps you to connect with your audience directly from your website.

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Elementor Portfolio Widget [Showcase your Work like a Pro]

Elementor portfolio widgets

There was a time when bloggers in their niche were not able to showcase their work . Well those days are gone now. If you are a blogger in Photography Niche, you can showcase your work exactly you want.

Now, there are tons of WordPress themes available for Portfolio. You can start working with such a website easily.

Elementor also offers to design a creative portfolio of your work. Elementor gives you an endless way to showcase your post, Images. you can add Custom logic to your Post. Element’s seamless features allow you to create an eye catching layout, Grid exactly you love.

Brainstormforce is #1 Agency to provide Quality Products and service for WordPress users. Their Portfolio Plugin is best solution to design any kind of creative showcase.

Check out this video for Portfolio Design [Tutorial]

Woocommerce widget in Elementor [Design custom eCommerce store]

Elementor woocommerce builder widget

Elementor woocommerce widget is literally a game changer feature in WordPress industry. The woocommerce builders enable the opportunity to design your dream online store.

Now you don’t need to work on a typical ready-made layout. Elementor offers a beautiful and responsive layout to sell your product. Now your audience will enjoy buying on your website. And of course, the goal of an eCommerce store is providing better user experience to your audience.

Elementor Product Widget allows you to place anywhere you want. The purpose is designing amazing stores that the audience enjoy while buying.

Pro Tips: There are some third Parties Add-on which offer awesome functionality. If you are looking to get your website on next level of creativity, check below recommended Plugins/Add-on for Elementor Pro and Free Version.
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