4 proven conversion strategies for business

4 Proven Conversion Marketing Strategies for Businesses

You will learn 4 proven strategies for conversion for your business

The companies which neglect their conversion rate risk losing over 79% of marketing leads never converting into sales. Doesn’t that sound like a huge loss already? 

Read on to discover just how you can boost your conversion rates and take your online business to the zenith.

What you will learn to increase conversion for your business-

  • What is the conversion rate? (Simple definition)
  • Four irresistible strategies for high conversion

So, let get started

What is the conversion rate?

Before diving headfirst into the strategies to boost conversion rates, let’s have a look at what exactly conversion rate is.

Simply defined, it is the percentage of users you could drive into taking the desired action for your online business be it purchasing a product, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a resource or e-form or anything else. 

Here, the platform for the same can range from your business website and social media page to email campaigns and other digital footprints. It is pretty simple to calculate the conversion rate. Simply divide the number of visitors that converted by the total number of visitors and multiply the dividend by 100.

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Conversion rates are crucial because they let you keep a tab on the performance of your campaigns. In case they fall short of the desired outcome, you can always go ahead and try to fix them. For instance, one of the most common reasons why items that consumers choose and even add to their carts never make it to their doorstep is that the final cost ends up being much higher than promised earlier.

Can you fathom the enormous amount of money and resources you can save by simply being cautious and adopting the right conversion techniques? A dipping conversion rate can warn you well ahead in time regarding poor marketing strategies and give you an ample amount of time to pull up your socks.

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4 Irresistible strategies for high conversion

Adopting these techniques will surely take your business to an unprecedented high

Hit the bull’s eye with killer Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

You can hit the jackpot by winning over 121% higher conversion rates with Calls-to-Action alone (successful case study in mind – HubSpot). An eye-catching CTA preceded with well-structured content will keep the readers hooked for good.

Some trends for CTAs – 

  • Double CTAs placed strategically throughout the content are the talk of the town.
  • Going for a CTA that persuades the user and yet efficiently communicates your brand voice is an awesome idea.
  • Nobody can really overlook the designer and user-friendly CTAs.

Contextual pop-ups can help you

You can aim for a higher conversion rate by over 40% by contextual and well-meaning pop-ups

Pushdown and push-up pop-ups are pretty commonplace now, and so are delayed ones. I have a bias towards the delayed pop-ups as they appear only when the reader has spent a considerable amount of time on the page. Since the content already has them hooked, they will be compelled to go through the pop-up too.

pop up example in WordPress Website of 99webdesign

Another great option is the exit-intent pop-up. Just before the user exits the screen, they appear right when the cursor has hovered over the red cross. They pursue the readers to have one last thought before leaving the webpage by way of offering discounts and other lucrative offers. Similarly, you can also go for sign-up pop-ups which incentivize the users to opt for e-books.

One of the main benefits of pop-ups is that it will significantly boost your email list, and thus you will be able to leverage email marketing campaigns to boost e-commerce successfully. However, keep in mind that you should always go for pop-ups that are contextual and have a playful and engaging CTA.

Content is king

content is king

Content marketing can boost your conversion rates by over 6%. No wonder, the companies which don’t adopt top-notch content marketing services never make it big. It is crucial, and it is here to stay. If you keep your website updated with quality content, it will surely attract visitors who are genuinely invested in your business.

It has a host of benefits that are not just limited to boosting conversion rates. Good quality content will surely drive user engagement. Moreover, the urge to keep reading will increase the site dwell time of visitors, and it will certainly act in your favour. What is seen is sold. How will you target the required demography if you don’t make it to the top of the search engines?

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What are you waiting for? Invest in the creation of amazing content and boost your organic traffic. You will be amazed by the lead pool of conversion you can enjoy.

Leverage the power of FOMO

Ticketmaster enjoyed conversion rates higher by over 7.46% through FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) campaigns alone.

Well, the human mind works in mysterious ways. If you can successfully create a sense of urgency in the minds of the people, the adrenaline rush will act in your favor. Don’t go overboard or the consumer base will see right through it. However, phrases like “last chance” and “running out soon” can help you immensely.

Some of the FOMO techniques that you can employ are –

ecommerce stock
  • Displaying stock levels (works amazingly well for e-commerce portals) – By showing the exact number of pieces left in the stock, you can efficiently create a sense of urgency in the minds of the visitors that the item of their choice is, in fact, running out.
  • Clock it – If you have an ongoing sale, strategically place a clock on the website to indicate to the users that time is running out, and to get the best out of the situation, they need to act fast.
  • Put a cap on free-shipping – You will be amazed by how many users hit the buy button on a product by seeing the free shipping option. Use this to your advantage by putting a cap on it and making it available for only a limited period of time

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Wrapping up

Don’t sweat yourself out too much. The key to a successful online marketing strategy is keeping things simple. You just need to put your message across to the right people at the right time. Do you have a successful case study to share regarding any of the methods stated above or do you need someone to help you out with these? Reach out! We are always at your beck and call.


This blog aims to inform the readers about conversion rate – what it is and how can they use the same in the best possible way for their own business. We offer high converting website design and development services at an affordable price. You can reach here to get a free quote.

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